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Friday, March 8, 2013

Mental Pause . . . . A Tempestuous Journey through Menopause

Do you think your menopausal searing hot flashes, tumultuous mood swings and nasty irritable behavior are bad? Nothing compares to the hell that Abbie experiences as she wades through a truly treacherous menopausal journey.

Global nomad, expat and freelance writer Anne O’ Connell has written a “must read” novel for every woman experiencing or about to experience this dreaded “rite of passage.”  

Mental Pause launches today, March 8th, International Women’s Day. All proceeds from today’s sales will benefit her favorite charity Room to Read that supports literacy programs in developing countries by building libraries, publishing local language children’s books and providing scholarships for girls.

You can purchase your copy at Amazon . . . or Anne is offering a signed PDF copy on her website.

“It was one very sweaty, steamy night that spurred me on to write Mental Pause,” Anne relates.  “Even though the A/C was on, I was lying there in a disgusting pool of sweat and I did what any writer would do I hit keyboard and poured out my mad ramblings.”

Then the idea hit Anne that it would be more fun if she turned it into fiction.

“It was really cathartic to write it,” O’Connell claims. “No matter how bad I was feeling, how crazy my mood swings or wild my thoughts were, Abbie’s were always worse!”

I highly recommend this really good read. Abbie’s twists and turns through a truly catastrophic “change of life” keeps you guessing, “how much worse can this get?”  

“Astonishingly honest, this novel will take you on a wild ride with its unforgettable protagonist, a woman who is on a journey of shocking self-discovery,” said Zvezdana Rashkovich, author, Dubai Wives. “A book like 'Mental Pause' is long overdue and I am sure it will speak to millions of women who like me, identify with its message.”

Buy your copy today . . . . it makes a great gift for your “sweltering, ranting menopausal BFF! And don’t forget, all proceeds from today’s sales will benefit Room to Read.

If you really like it, give it a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. When you visit the Amazon page feel free to Tweet, Share and Like from there!

Happy Reading!

PS . . .

Mental Pause has just received the 2013 Bronze Award in the Adult Fiction category from the 2013 Independent Publisher Book Award (IPBW). Congratulations Anne!!!


  1. Huge congrats to Anne! It's so nice of her to donate her profits on the book.
    Luckily, I had almost no symptoms when I went through menopause. I had only one hot flash, it's great not to have my period anymore, and my fibroids shrank as a result. I'm so much happier now. :-)

  2. OH! NO Fair! One hot flash???? You are one lucky woman! Now, you MUST READ the book to see what the other 99% of us women have experienced! Enjoy!