Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be moving to a foreign country to live, let alone a country in the Middle East. Over the 2009 Christmas and New Year’s holidays, my husband Roger and I discussed what we wanted the next part of our life to be like. He thought that before retiring, he would like to do one more airport project but only if he could find something very interesting. I half-jokingly agreed that would be fine but could he try for an exotic location? As usual, Roger came through and soon we were headed to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This blog is a recap of our "leap-of- faith" wanderings around the Middle East and beyond. We joyfully share these expat experiences.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Best of Boomer Blogs #293

As Baby Boomers we believe we can do anything and be anyone we want. And we aren't afraid to, in fact sometimes relish, working hard to get the job done.

But now, as more and more of us are looking at retiring – at a rate of 10,000 per day – we are wondering how we are going to manage this next part of our life. We embrace this new path understanding that we may be aging but we will not get “old.” Because we are time rich, we are looking for adventure, change, possibly romance and will do everything we can to prevent our health from deteriorating.

This week The Best of the Boomer Blogs tackles some interesting subjects on how to better handle our new path.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Best of the Boomer Blogs

Did you miss us?  The Blogging Boomers’ Blog Carnival took a little mid-winter break, but we’re BACK, and with the new name: The Best of Boomer Blogs! We will still be bringing you most timely and interesting posts from a few GREAT blogs!

This week we offer: Find out why the global market outlook is far less rosy than the emperors-minus-their-clothes would have you believe. What do Baby Boomer guys talk about when women are not around? Why is the Center for Science in the Public Interest critical of the approach Coca-Cola is taking in its new obesity ads?  “Arm-chair travel to the 2012 best adventures in and around Dubai. Handle your paper-overload - a great New Year’s resolution.  What is the unique REVOLUTION baby boomers are experiencing right now? 

 Let’s get started:  The Best of Boomer Blogs 2013!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 Top Adventures In and Around Dubai

Living in Dubai is a never ending adventure and Roger and I are keeping our promise to each other to spend as much time as we can exploring unique experiences in this region of the world. It takes a lot of hard work to keep this promise but someone has to do it!

2012 was an eclectic mix of adventures and here are our 2012 Top Adventures In and Around Dubai.  Even after 2.5  years we are still on the "hunt" for great cultural experiences. With the abundance of things to see and do in this area of the world, we do not lack for opportunities. We are happy to share our top adventures with you and hope you might enjoy them too.