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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A new Blog Carnival for Boomers, while Colorado burns!

This week Boomer Carnival Blogs captures the devastation of the Colorado fires, picks the top 3 food magazine to make you drool, shows you how to read Kindle & Nook books for free,  reports on a recent incredibly elegant journey to India, quizzes you on whether these baby boomer icons are dead and shares a great way to avoid analysis paralysis.

With eight wildfires burning in Colorado this morning, it’s safe to say our state is on fire!

One burned 21 cabins up in Estes Park yesterday, while two west of Colorado Springs have closed down the town of Manitou Springs and the Garden of the Gods.

The High Park Fire just NW of here, has expanded to over 83,000 acres with costs over 30 million dollars, and the latest count is 248 homes destroyed, the most in Colorado history.

What factors have combined to created this inferno?   Colorado continues to receive less than HALF of normal rainfall.  Fort Collins has received zero rainfall in June, plus strong erratic winds and record temperatures above 100 degrees.  Combine that with a devastating beetle kill situation, and you have tinder box conditions in our foothills.

I awoke to a bright orange sunrise this morning, and a strangely smoky neighborhood that smells like a campground with ash in the air.

On that note, what’s happening with other Blogging Boomers?

What food magazines make you drool?  The Accidental Locavore picks her top three here.  Any guesses as to which they are?

You can read Kindle & Nook books for free on your PC or Laptop.  Learn how over at

The exotic and mysterious lure of Sultans, Maharaja rulers and harems.  The mystical aura of exotic temples and palaces.  Visions of being wrapped in stunningly beautiful, brilliantly colored saris; sightings of elephants, tigers – oh my!  Katie shares with you, her recent: Ultimate Elegant Journey to India.  

Tom Sightings is on vacation this week. When you’re retired, you can go away whenever you want, but while Tom’s off having a good time, he invites you to try out his quiz: Are These Baby Boomer Icons Dead or Alive?

Did you ever have to make up your mind?  Say yes to one and let the other one ride, did you ever have to finally decide?  The Queen would like to share with you a great way to avoid “analysis paralysis.”

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