Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be moving to a foreign country to live, let alone a country in the Middle East. Over the 2009 Christmas and New Year’s holidays, my husband Roger and I discussed what we wanted the next part of our life to be like. He thought that before retiring, he would like to do one more airport project but only if he could find something very interesting. I half-jokingly agreed that would be fine but could he try for an exotic location? As usual, Roger came through and soon we were headed to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This blog is a recap of our "leap-of- faith" wanderings around the Middle East and beyond. We joyfully share these expat experiences.

Friday, August 5, 2011


It's that wonderful time again--the Boomer Blogger Carnival is in town!  Watch out for the elephants. But seriously, it's a collection of the best insights, news & humor for the Boomer generation. Enjoy!

Nasty anonymous comments on blogs are an online scourge, says The Boomer Chronicles.

Laura Lee over at Midlife Crisis Queen has been thinking about the emotional differences between the Boomer generation and their parents. She believes the Baby Boomers are less self-sacrificing. What do you think?

Meanwhile, Tom Sightings tells us about the highlight of his weekend -- a trip to the grocery store on Saturday morning. Check it out (groan) at:  Sightings at 60

While on vacation in Maine, the Accidental Locavore made some Swiss chard gnocchi, or as they call it in Nice, merda de can. Here’s the recipe:

SoBabyBoomer tells us that there is no longer need for boomer women to self-sabotage or embrace limiting behaviors. You can also challenge yourself to change some of your outdated beliefs.  It is not all that difficult.

How did Ann at Contemporary Retirement manage to be looking at the yachts on Lake Windermere in the English Lake District at lunchtime, and gazing at the waves breaking on Sanibel Beach in the US 3 hours later? Find out here:

From Katie Foster at Arabian Tales and Other Amazing Adventures. A leisurely road trip to Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, yields an unexpected adventure - bull butting!

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