Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be moving to a foreign country to live, let alone a country in the Middle East. Over the 2009 Christmas and New Year’s holidays, my husband Roger and I discussed what we wanted the next part of our life to be like. He thought that before retiring, he would like to do one more airport project but only if he could find something very interesting. I half-jokingly agreed that would be fine but could he try for an exotic location? As usual, Roger came through and soon we were headed to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This blog is a recap of our "leap-of- faith" wanderings around the Middle East and beyond. We joyfully share these expat experiences.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What are your fears? How do you handle them? This week’s Best of the Boomer Blogs brings you advice on handling many things we fear.  

SoBabyBoomer says, "In order to rediscover our natural confidence and live a fearless life, we must examine the challenge: we must 'recognize fear.'"

What about the fear of romance and sex in our later years? Karen D. Austin thinks too many people believe that romance, love, and sex are extinguished by midlife. She offers an overview of films that explore how people 50 plus still have relationships that include such goodies--and how mature lovers still have to manage the accompanying complexities.

The Midlife Crisis Queen, Laura Lee is focused on the subject of starting a business past age 50 and the ways we try to find balance between money and meaning in our lives.  

Looking for your purpose? Questioning the meaning of life, especially now, at midlife? Lisa Garon Froman makes the case that we all embark upon a hero’s journey at some point to uncover the meaning of life. She believes the search for meaning in our lives, the search for purpose, is a journey to our authentic selves.

On a lighter note, were you a fan of last year's Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?  Then you might be interested in these New Movies for Grownups rounded up by Tom Sightings. They're all coming out this spring and summer, starting right now with The Big Wedding starring Robert DeNiro, Diane Keaton and other luminaries.

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about the dangers of payday and deposit advance loans. A new report shows they trap consumers in debt.

Everyone knows that moving is one of the most feared and stressful activities - even if the move is only an hour down the road. Arabian Tales’ Katie Foster relates the adventures of surviving her move from Dubai to Abu Dhabi that brought stunning sunsets, an serendipitous encounter with an Arab wedding and other adventures only to be topped off with a horrifying earthquake. Now that was seriously terrifying


  1. We loved The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel so I'll be checking out these other movies. Thanks.

  2. I agree. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was the very best movie. I was it just after out trip to India. The hotel manager . . we met his brother at every stop. Remarkable portrayal.

  3. Katie,

    Nice job on the Best of Boomer Blogs.